Spd politicians want to re-evaluate sarrazin membership

spd politicians want to re-evaluate sarrazin membership

The SPD will check very carefully whether he fulfills the conditions imposed on him in the 2011 party order proceedings. Anyone who disregards the basic principles of freedom, justice and solidarity has no home in the SPD."

SPD deputy chairman ralf stegner told the "frankfurter allgemeine sonntagszeitung" newspaper. With his bestseller "germany is abolishing itself" and controversial theses on immigration in august 2010, the former berlin finance senator had triggered storms of indignation and debates about criticism of islam and the inheritance of intelligence. In 2011, however, the party leadership failed in its attempt to expel sarrazin from the SPD. Sarrazin’s remaining in the party was seen by many observers at the time as a defeat for the SPD leadership.

The party law makes it "very difficult to part with members if they do not violate laws or run for other parties," stegner wrote on twitter. He accused sarrazin of earning money with his "unfortunate right-wing works" only because he marketed them as an SPD member, even though they had nothing to do with social democracy. "If sarrazin still had a spark of decency, he would leave the SPD of his own accord."

Aydan ozoguz, a member of the SPD presidium and a member of the bundestag, expressed similar sentiments to stegner in the FAS newspaper: "thilo sarrazin has long said goodbye to social democratic values. On how to deal with him as a party, the prasidium will deal with it."

Sarrazin reacted calmly to the announcements. "A renewed attempt to party exclusion was again fail," he told the newspaper. "I also don’t know any responsible functionary who would seriously operate it."The new book by the long-serving member of the SPD is called "hostile takeover – how islam impedes progress and threatens society" and is due to be published on 30. August to be published by finanzbuch verlag (munchner verlagsgruppe).

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