State election 2018: sebastian korber (fdp): “i am a conviction voter”

With the FDP it is a bit like with the FCN: once up, once down. Sebastian korber's career curve is exactly the same: in 2009 he became a member of the bundestag in berlin, and after one legislative term he was kicked out again in 2013 with the free democrats. He contested two OB election campaigns, but failed each time.Even if he himself is satisfied with his share of the vote – it's like fubball: close is also a miss. Now the 38-year-old is running as a direct candidate for the liberals in the upcoming state elections – should a black-yellow coalition be formed, possibly with the prospect of a ministerial office. Korber can only say this much: he is basically ready to take on responsibility. "But this is decided first by the voter, then by my party."

"The FDP will enter the state parliament – we will achieve eight percent", at least the direct candidate from forchheim is sure of one thing. "That's the value we already had in 2008.". It is important to win over the undecided voters. Korber is counting on the 15 percent of potential voters who said they could imagine voting for the FDP."I have to convince them with content."

Architect builds on the theme of building

It's no surprise that building is a central issue for sebastian korber. "I have been involved in this area since I was a student, i.E. For 20 years, the architect from forchheim emphasizes. The building sector is suffering from excessive standards in terms of energy conservation and environmental protection," explains the FDP director. This would drive up prices and also create an overflowing bureaucracy. In addition, korber criticizes the fact that almost unlimited time limits for filing lawsuits against construction projects have been opened in the context of environmental protection.It has been overslept to designate sufficient building land. This is the task of the municipalities. In forchheim, too, according to korber, it would have been possible to designate much more building land much earlier. Problems such as the excessively long duration of procedures or the excessively high construction costs can all be solved at the state level, emphasizes sebastian korber. His plea is: home ownership strong. Making construction more affordable. Abolish real estate transfer tax for the first owner-occupied property.

Rock in the surf

Sebastian korber proves his mettle in the political high-low arena. "The ups and downs show: I'm a conviction man", admits the FDP direct candidate from forchheim, who – to borrow a phrase from the "clubb" once again – is a "clubber" for liberal goals, like a "rock in the fire" stands.

This is particularly important to state parliament candidate sebastian korber (FDP)

Refugee policy the most important issue for sebastian korber is the question of asylum and migration. He refers to the FDP's election platform, in which the liberals "advocate a regulated immigration and refugee policy" pronounce. "Here we demand a very clear immigration law that is worthy of the name", declares the direct candidate of the free democrats. This would make it possible to select from immigrants the skilled workers needed in our labor market. On the other hand, this is a clear message to those "who believe they can make a comfortable life for themselves by immigrating into our social system."

Building and housing must not become the social issue of the century", emphasizes sebastian korber. "Rent-breakers don't build apartments", declares the FDP direct candidate and goes for a left hook: "look at where the rent pressure is the greatest. These are the cities where the SPD is in power, such as munich."

Sebastian korber wants to advocate for concrete steps in housing policy that will make building faster, more effective and cheaper again – and thus make rents affordable again.

This includes, among other things, the provision of building land and the promotion of inner-city development through redensification.

Education policy "the best education in the world for everyone" the FDP has taken up this cause. This starts with creating the same starting conditions for everyone – not only free daycare centers but also more flexible opening times are part of this, explains sebastian korber. In addition, the FDP is calling for a legal right to an all-day school place, individual requirements for every child, digital classrooms and the fight against cancelled lessons.

Security policy as little interference in the lives of citizens as possible, but show strength and ability to act where it matters, korber demands . Internal security is created by more police officers, not by more surveillance. Therefore, the FDP demands a correction of the law on police tasks.

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