The kitzingen town hall is full of history(s)

The kitzingen town hall is full of history(s)

He knows the town hall like no other. That is not surprising. Fritz lenhart can be found there almost every day. And has been for 25 years. Fritz lenhart is the janitor. And you can see the joy of his work in every step he takes through kitzingen’s jewel.

The city celebrates 450 years of the town hall this weekend. On friday evening with a festive event, on sunday with an open door day. Visitors can then, for example, take a look at the freshly waxed and polished historic wedding hall or walk up the spiral staircase in the old building. The latter had proved difficult and unpleasant a few days ago. "It looked wild here", says lenhart and has to smile himself.

Together with his deputy wolfgang richard he cleaned the spiral staircase including the walls from the dirt of the last 30 years. "Our cleaning ladies did not dare to come in here", says the 58-year-old. So the two men took up broom and shovel themselves. The result is impressive. The stone spiral staircase is certainly one of the high points of the sightseeing tour.

1988 lenhart has his job as "city hall master started. His regular working hours are from 7 a.M. To 5 p.M. "But I’m here much more often, he says. On weekends, the wedding hall and the historic town hall are often booked for events. The construction and dismantling work is done by the trained electrician. "I am more at the town hall than at home", he says.

In his first years as janitor, lenhart even spent new year’s eve in the town hall. In 1984, a new year’s eve rocket set the roof on fire. Even today, a few charred wooden beams in the attic serve as a reminder of the blaze. "I saw the fire from the felsenkeller", lenhart remembers. Four years later, he himself stood in the newly erected roof truss – as a kind of living fire alarm. From 23.45 to 0.45 o’clock on new year’s eve he was on duty. And that in the dark. "I could not turn on the lights, otherwise the people would have wanted to go upstairs." In the meantime lenhart can spend new year’s eve at home. Modern smoke detectors are installed on the wooden beams.

They were useless, however, when completely different intruders infested the roof trusses. When the tower to which the city flag is attached was left open for a long time, hundreds of pigeons took advantage of this and nested under the roof of the city hall. "We could hardly get the floor clean", lenhart remembers.

One floor below, in the old town hall, completely different indicators are attached to the beams in three places. With a blind eye, the measuring instruments are barely visible. "Small parts have fallen off every now and then", reports lenhart. The janitor immediately informed his colleagues from the building office of this fact. 13 years ago, with the help of a structural engineer, they installed the so-called crack monitors in order to be warned if there was actually danger in default. "Everything in perfect order", assures klaus rutzel from the building department. "The town hall is finally built properly stable."

1563 the new, stone town hall, including the tax tower and cellar well, was completed. Before that, there was a wooden department store on the market. Over the centuries, the building has survived the thirty years’ war and two world wars. The building has also seen unusual tenants. In the 1960s, the city police was housed in an adjoining building, and the historic city hall was used by the fire department in the 1960s as a fire station.

In 1987, the rebuilt hall and cellar were inaugurated. Since then it has served the town as a representative place for all kinds of events. Fritz lenhart and his deputy wolfgang richard then prepare the hall accordingly and clear away the chairs and the lectern again the next day. This will also be the case this weekend, when the kitzingen town hall celebrates its 450th anniversary. Birthday celebrations.

open day at city hall
sunday, 10. November, from 12 to 17 o’clock.
Attractions: the golden book to touch and leaf through; presentation of the paul-eber-bible; photo action: oberburgermeister for a day. The individual departments also introduce themselves.
Tours: explanation of the city hall facade. Meeting point in front of the entrance to the town hall. City guides are also available on each level of the building.
A view from above: riding the fire department turntable ladder to a height of 25 meters.
Data protection: employees of the residents’ registration office explain what personal information is stored on the chip of the passport.

Historical data city hall
1563 completion of the new stone town hall including tax tower and cellar well
1645 repair of the town hall because of the damage of the thirty years war.
1870 the room for the shearing, the kitchen and the requisites room are combined into one room, today’s registry office.
1895 foundation of the town museum with two rooms in the town hall building.
1922-1923 the city acquires the neighboring building "ulshoferhaus" for the expansion of the town hall and "eagle house.
1945 during the air raid on kitzingen on 23. February the town hall is spared. The basement housed the air raid warden’s office.
1964 the fire department moves from the town hall to landwehrstrabe.
1984 fire in the roof trusses on 31. December by a firecracker.
1987 inauguration of the rebuilt town hall including cellar.

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