The move in is delayed

The move in is delayed

The children of schwurbitz will have to wait a while longer before they can move into the new after-school care center. The local councillors, who visited the site together with mayor dirk rosenbauer, were able to convince themselves of this. It will not be until the beginning of december that the nursery will be open for business.

But there is a real need. Up to now, the after-school children have been divided into three different rooms. The children from the 1. The first grade is accommodated in the kindergarten, the second grade in the. Class in the school, the after-school children from class 3. And 4. Class in rented rooms in the parish center.

There were also problems in the kindergarten area. Many children move from the nursery to kindergarten. A group size of 25 children would have been impossible to maintain. In order to avoid an enrollment freeze in the kindergarten, it was decided to form a group with preschool children. This preschool group will now be housed in the new after-school care center for a year.

It is a good thing that until further notice only 38 school children attend the after-school care center. Together with the 16 preschool children, the approved maximum number of 50 children is exceeded by four children. The government has expressed its understanding for this "emergency". The approved claim is not affected by this.

800000 euro grant

After all, the new construction of the nursery in schwubitz swallows up 1.7 million euros. Around 800,000 euros came as a subsidy from the financial equalization between the federal and state governments and a special investment program. This means that the municipality of michelau’s own contribution is around 900,000 euro. The chamberlain and the employees in the building office are currently not to be envied.

"We currently have so many investments going on at the same time in a tight time frame, as we have actually never had before", mayor dirk rosenbauer emphasizes. He refers to the total renovation of the johann puppert school, the new construction of the after-school care center in michelau, the construction of the after-school care center in schwurbitz and the flood relief in schwurbitz.

Originally, it was planned to open the nursery at the beginning of the new kindergarten year in september. But the opening will be delayed by about twelve weeks. The shell of the building is currently standing. The glazing of the windows is about to be completed.

The entrance is located on the long side of the building. The vestibule leads past the checkroom and toilets into the foyer. On the right there are several functional rooms: a parents’ meeting room, a room for the directors, a room for the advisors, a heating room and a work room. The clean terrace is adjoined inside by the catering facilities (food, cooking, storage).

The most important rooms are the two rough group rooms, which are designed for 25 children each. Your rough windows open in southern direction to the running track at the gymnasium. Between the two group rooms there is an adjoining room of approximately 50 square meters. The children can do their homework in this room, which is divided into two areas. Outside, the corridor leads past the playground area to the gymnasium, which can also be used by the after-school children.

The head of the kindergarten kerstin doppel was also present at the meeting. She will also be in charge of the new after-school care center. The sponsor is the catholic church foundation schwurbitz. The political municipality of michelau is responsible for tree removal and the maintenance of the buildings.

In connection with the local meeting, the traffic situation on coburger strabe was also addressed. Children have to cross this road when they walk from the school in the neighborhood to the church of the sacred heart for after-school care. So far there are no school crossing helpers in schwurbitz. Maybe there are committed citizens who care about the safety of children.

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