Three girls make top music

Three girls make top music

Twelve-year-old leonie czech is already a real pro among the students of the city’s singing and music school. Three years ago, the young girl from herzogenaurach won first place in the "jugend musiziert" competition and the guitarist has now achieved the same feat again. She was very relaxed about it, because she wasn’t very excited, she said at the internal ceremony yesterday afternoon. "Stage fright? Nah – not really", she said.

But leonie was not the only schoolgirl from herzogenaurach who was successful in the regional competition in 2012. Three girls returned with a first-place finish. In addition to leonie (age group 3), these were seven-year-old johanna koppel and eight-year-old aileen liao in age group 1b. Both performed as a duo with violin and piano.

Not only margit denk as director of the music school and of course mayor german hacker as her boss as well as the teachers involved in the music school were pleased about this, but also katharina frohlich. She teaches johanna privately on the violin. For the past two years, the 2003 winner of the cultural challenge award has been working with young talent.

The fact that the two children found each other musically is also due to the piano teacher volkmar studtrucker. He suggested his schoolmate aileen as a duo partner. In consultation with their colleague frohlich, the two then chose pieces by johann sebastian bach and two contemporary polish composers. In total there were five pieces. Between six and ten minutes had to be played, said studtrucker. "We brought it to seven to eight". In selecting the pieces, the children were able to show their skills in many technical and musical facets, writes frohlich in a short press report.

Johanna’s mom christina is also thrilled, especially since the family was very surprised by the results, she said. "Because we went there with the olympic thought – to be there is everything". And the mother of the two girls is especially pleased that her children have now become real friends. "Music connects", this was once again very vividly demonstrated.

It was no surprise that johanna and aileen went on a romp through the music hall right after the ceremony. They still want to make music together, but first and foremost they want to play together.

Johanna, a student at liebfrauenhaus, started playing the violin when she was still a little girl. A cousin of her mom’s inspired her, she says. And it was good, adds the mother. "Lisa has already taken part in a national competition". Liao goes to the third class of the carlplatz school. She also started playing the piano at a very young age, when she was five. Just like leonie. The high school student (christian ernst in erlangen) has been playing the guitar for seven years now and has already had plenty of performances, including with mom and dad and her siblings at the music school’s family music-making event. Mother sabine’s thanks go to teacher anita stiersdorfer. "The two of them fit so well together", it swarmed.

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