Zeiler again wants to argue the front-runner

Zeiler again wants to argue the front-runner

The 1. FC habfurt II, three points are to be scored again in the second home game in a row after the meager draw against prappach, according to the ideas of those responsible for keeping the team in the league. Guest SC ebrach has only vague chances of relegation place. – while the SC lubberg-rudendorf, thanks to its points cushion, looks forward to the home game against the spfr. Steinbach is relatively relaxed about the prospect, but coach stefan helmreich’s team is under pressure. After four games without a win, the topic for her is "relegation battle more topical than ever. – only one payer separates the spfr. Steinsfeld and DJK furnbach from each other. In the direct encounter between the two opponents, the home side will primarily be seeking revenge for the 2-0 defeat in the first leg.

The hermannsbergers have gained self-confidence

after its first victory of the year against steinsfeld, SV ebelsbach hopes for another three points at TSV prappach. So far, however, SV trainer norbert hiller’s team has been rather weak in terms of performance. – can FC 08 zeil make the championship exciting again and repeat the victory from the first meeting (2:0)? For torjager benny wittig and co. It is very appealing to inflict the first defeat away from home on TV obertheres, which has been unbeaten for eleven games, after its only defeat at home so far. – highly motivated and with a lot of new self-confidence, the vfr hermannsberg-breitbrunn approaches its task to get more points for the preservation of the league in the basement duel at the SV hainert. Although the table last has not lost two times in a row, but whether now the first victory succeeds, is questionable. – the hopes of TSV kirchaich for a place in the relegation play-offs have become more rude again after the bankruptcy of spvgg untersteinbach. Aiming for a fifth home win against TSV westheim to keep the match-free rivals at bay.

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