Zeitlofs elementary school seeks principal

zeitlofs elementary school seeks principal

Especially the children are close to my heart", says ingard kraemer. For 13 years she was principal of the elementary school in zeitlofs. Now the principal is looking forward to retirement together with her husband, who has retired as a teacher from the middle school in bad bruckenau (we reported).

In 2000, kraemer took over the office of principal in the municipality of zeitlofs. "The director of the school district at the time asked me if i would take over the position of principal", tells kraemer. But she didn't say yes right away. Kraemer took three quarters of a year with her application. "One saturday i visited the school of auben all by myself", remembers the principal. The rough playground and the small school immediately convinced kraemer, and she was not to regret it.

As a "very good decision she describes her time at the elementary school in zeitlofs. "I could realize ideas more easily", says the principal. A small school in particular offers scope for new ideas. "The staff has always stood behind me", tells the principal.

Three options for the future
Not only the principal leaves the school, but also her deputy alfred pauthner retires after 31 years at the elementary school. Pauthner's successor is considered secure, while no successor has yet been found for the school administration.

"We are in good spirits", says mayor wilhelm friedrich (CSU) on inquiry the saale newspaper. "The position has been advertised for the third time and we hope that someone will apply", friedrich continues. If that should not be the case, there are two other options. According to kraemer, angelika krug, a long-time teacher at the elementary school, was able to take over the reins on an interim basis. It was also conceivable that the elementary school in bad bruckenau would take over the responsibility of running the school.

If it was up to mayor friedrich, the problem would be solved quickly: "if someone else applied for the job, i would prefer that."

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